"Our custom plan started with a sketch on graph paper. Werner reviewed our plan and offered economical suggestions on ways to proceed that would allow us to achieve the look and feel we desired. Werner was always available to discuss the progress of our home. When meeting with RTS's suppliers, we were often told that we were working with the best builder in the city, one who they, as suppliers, like to work with. Their confidence in RTS made us very pleased with our choice of builder. Since the completion of our home, we have had almost no issues. But, the few times we have called on RTS, they have solved the problem even though our first year had long passed. We would definitely build a future home with RTS." - Suezanne






"This is my second RTS Home and without doubt the best homes I have ever owned over the last 25 years. The workmanship and attention to the care and detail to the finishing of the home has given me confidence and pride I received great house at good value. Werner takes pride in his work and is seen by the little extras in how the house is built and also finished. He uses trades people he can count on not to cut corners who themselves understand Werner’s expectations of what he want in a house. An RTS home is not only great look in appearance but to the core, of how a house is build, it is done right without cutting of corners. Thanks." - T.R.






"As we enjoy our Home we often remark how fortunate we have been, to have you, as our builder, we appreciate the extra care that you gave in turning our house into a new and wonderful home." - Tom and Monica






"We met Werner Reiter in 2002, when we purchased our first RTS home. The reason we chose to buy an RTS home was that Werner is known for building high quality custom made homes. We were very happy with our home and in the summer of 2005 we moved into our second RTS home. During the construction of both homes, from the early construction phase till the closing of our home and beyond, we enjoyed working with Werner, his wife Linda and all contractors involved. Werner is down to earth, honest, knowledgeable and straightforward. During construction he was very often on site, available to answer our questions. We are very impressed with the outstanding quality of our home as well as the high level of customer service RTS provides and we would definitely recommend RTS Homes." - Fred and Nicole